Implementation of preventive maintenance for Robotics

Objectives: To maintain the robots to the working capacity to which they were designed and to extend their useful life with the lowest maintenance costs.

Target companies: Production companies that use industrial robots for various technological applications such as handling, spot welding, mastic application, torque tightening, quality control, sorting, etc.

Services offered:
• MTBF assessment of the robots before the implementation of the autonomous maintenance system
• preparation of worksheets for the preventive maintenance of robots
• formation of teams for the activity of preventive maintenance of robots
• training of preventive maintenance personnel robots on the accomplishment of the tasks in the worksheets.
• performing robot preventive maintenance operations
• feed-back data analysis
• correction of worksheets in accordance with the observations received
• measures to maintain the process throughout the life of the robots
• MTBF evaluation after the implementation of the robot preventive maintenance system

Consultant: over 20 years experience in the industry, with experience in using robots and implementing preventive maintenance on robots.

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