Lean concept has its roots in automobile production plant of Ford in the early 20th century.
It was then taken over and developed since the 50s by Toyota Motors, as the Toyota Production System (TPS).
Lean name appeared first mentioned in the book "The Machine That Changed the World".
Book published results of a study conducted over several years by a team of university complex and practitioners with experience in production. The study aims to determine the best existing production system in the world in the 80s.
Held in collaboration with over 80 companies in various industries, mainly cars, the study found, based on the data analysis of several indicators, as in all aspects, Toyota production system was the most competitive.
Thus, Toyota had no time to implement new models, the best level of quality, highest productivity and therefore a very good profitability. The basis of this production system performance are: respect for employees, customer orientation, identifying waste (as an opponent of value added) and sustained effort to eliminate waste through continuous improvement.
Today, most companies in the automotive - vehicles and components, have implemented production systems based on the concept of TPS. While following the successful model of the companies that have implemented the concept have been "compromised" and other industries: electronics, aerospace, machinery, etc.
In Romania, the first large company that has implemented Lean concept Daewoo Automobile Romania was the plant in Craiova, since 1996.

Lean (Western name) or TPS (Toyota Production System) is for more than 50 years a concept that has contributed significantly to increasing quality, reducing costs, reducing delivery times and not ultimately the increasing involvement of all staff in increasing the competitiveness of organizations worldwide.
Unfortunately, when misunderstood or in case of forced implementation for the sake of putting a label "we are a lean company" the results are more losses than gains.
In over 20 years we have been involved in the implementation of Lean in different organizations as employees or external consultants, and we have seen numerous failures either in implementation or in its maintenance.
For this reason, where we led the implementation, we started always through ensuring commitment by top management and by understanding the current situation, needs and expectations.
Although we do not take risks in promises of percentage reductions, each program that we are developing is customized, results are measurable benefits (and visible) and the impact is reflected on the motivation of the people involved.
If you are interested to optimize processes, to create an effective system in the organization, including the implementation of Lean concept, do not hesitate to contact us.

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