SigmaXL is a professional software used worldwide for statically application (SPC, MSA, Six Sigma are few of it).
Effective Flux is the authorized Romanian SigmaXL software reseller as well as a reliable support for training and consultancy for deployment.

Statistical tool
Perfect for the needs of a Quality Professional, a Six Sigma practitioner or line manager at any level.

SigmaXL can accommodate more than 1 million rows of data and is compatible with:
  • Windows MS Excel 2010/2013/2016,
  • Mac MS Excel 2011/2016.
As a cost effective and powerful software solution, users at all levels can quickly learn the key graphical and statistical tools using the already familiar MS Excel software.
SigmaXL is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for Quality and Business Professionals (for SPC, MSA).
Six Sigma Green Belts, Black Belts, Engineers (for VSM, Takt Time calculation), and Managers around the world.

Included are additional Six Sigma and Lean templates, a DMAIC Menu option and a Control Chart Selection Tool to simplify the selection of SPC charts.

(the license is permanent)
SigmaXL is a fraction of the cost of any major statistical product, yet it has ALL THE FUNCTIONALITY most business improvement professionals need.
  • 299 USD/license - 1 license
  • 269 USD/license - 2-10 licenses
  • 254 USD/license - 11-20 licenses
  • 239 USD/license - 21-50 licenses
  • 224 USD/license - 51-100 licenses
  • 209 USD/license - 101-250 licenses
  • VAT is added to the price
Free Trial (trial version valid for 30 days)
You can download the software here.

Due to its excellent quality-price balance, is been used by may companies, among which are Pfizer, Accenture, FedEx, Raytheon , Motorola University.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate SigmaXL?
After purchasing a SigmaXL User License and subsequently receiving your serial number, you simply enter this serial number into the product to activate your product. Typically, activation is completed in just a few minutes via the Internet (online activation). In some cases, offline activation is required. If so, this is accomplished either via phone or e-mail. As an example, phone activation requires you to read your serial number to the software publisher’s customer service representative. They will verify your product and unlock it for use.

Can I activate SigmaXL on more than one computer?
SigmaXL offers single user, perpetual licenses that can be activated on up to two different systems. For example, a user may activate our software on both a home and work computer. To transfer your license from one computer to another, first uninstall SigmaXL via the Control Panel while connected to the Internet. Then, install SigmaXL on the new computer as you usually would.

Do I need to be online to use SigmaXL?
Once you have activated your product, you do not need to be online to use it. If you wish to transfer a license, or repair your activation, you must be connected to the Internet or call your software publisher’s product activation center.
What is the difference between product activation and product registration?
Product activation is a mandatory, anonymous process that verifies your product’s serial number. Product registration, is a voluntary process that entitles you to product updates and technical support.

What information is required to activate SigmaXL?
Product activation requires SigmaXL’s serial number. No personal information is needed.
How long does it take to complete the activation of my product?
Internet activation (online activation) typically takes less than a minute to complete. It is dependent on the type of Internet technology you are using.

What if I upgrade or get a new computer?
Simply uninstall your software via the computer’s Control Panel while connected to the Internet; then, after upgrading or replacing your computer, reinstall SigmaXL.

Will I be able to reinstall and reactivate SigmaXL if my hard drive crashes?
Yes. The software will successfully reactivate in most cases. If your attempt fails, please contact SigmaXL product activation support for help.

Can I uninstall/reinstall SigmaXL?
Yes. All you need to do is uninstall your software on the current machine and reinstall it on a new machine.

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