Implementation of Preventive maintenance

Objectives: Increasing production capacity and reducing costs by reducing accidental downtime of manufacturing lines and reducing major equipment failures.

Target companies
: Production companies for which the delivery time of products to customers is critical.

Included services:
• evaluation of the OEE before the implementation of the preventive maintenance system
• team identification
• establishing the list of equipment that will enter the program
• drawing up worksheets and estimating the number of hours / year required
• evaluating the number of personnel required
• training on how the equipment works
• performing the preventive maintenance operations according to the worksheets
• feed-back data analysis
• finding solutions to eliminate or reduce repetitive defects
• correction of worksheets when there are inconsistencies between the estimated operations and frequencies planned with the reality in the field
• evaluation of the OEE after the implementation of the preventive maintenance system
• measures to maintain the process throughout the life of the equipment

Consultant: experience of over 20 years in the industry, with experience in the operation and implementation of maintenance systems

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