Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Category: QUALITY
Length: 2 days

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Objectives: Understanding the concept and learning the skills to determine the correctness of inspection decisions, using the MSA technique, according to the AIAG-MSA manual, 4th edition.

Target audience: Personnel from manufacturing or service companies involved in running, controlling, or managing processes. Engineers or technical staff from quality departments, process engineering, production, maintenance, management, and staff involved in internal system, process or product audits. The course may also be useful for staff in Purchasing or Logistics departments.

Duration: 2 days + possibility of another day of consultancy on the projects allocated to the students.

• Introduction to MSA (Analysis of Measurement Systems)
   o Purpose
   o Accuracy vs precision
   o Repeatability and reproducibility
   o Stability and linearity
   o Data input and interpretation of results
   o Key indicators
• MSA implementation and interpretation for continuous data / Non-destructive tests / destructive tests
   o Recommendations for sampling
   o Gage R & R study and interpretation
   o Practical applications
• MSA implementation and interpretation for attribution data
   o Analytical evaluation of the attributive measurement system
   o Gage R & R Attributes
   o Interpreting results
   o Practical applications
• Acceptance sample / For variable data / Attribution data
• Discussions, examinations, closing the course.

Presented tools:
• Quantification of the variation induced by a process or produced by the measurement action
• Gage R & R - Calculation% of variance due to the Measurement System
• Graphic interpretation of variation components, R chart by operator, Xbar chart by operator, Measure by operator, Measure by operator, Part x operator interaction
• Analytical evaluation of the attributive measurement system using MINITAB. The Kappa coefficient

For greater interactivity and understanding of the tools, we recommend the access of 2 participants / PC, on which to install SigmaXL. The trial version is free for 30 days and can be downloaded utilizand acest link.

For the best price SigmaXL course & software, ask us for the combined offer.

Experience over 10 years in industry and consulting, with training expertise and practical use of the tools in the course.

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