Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Category: QUALITY
Length: 2 days


Objectives: To understand and understand the notions of variation and location of processes, sampling techniques and data collection. Understanding the practical utility and how to determine the stability and process capability at the current user level. The course is based on the AIAG, SPC, 2nd edition.

Target audience: Personnel from manufacturing or service companies involved in the process, control or process management, quality departments, process engineering, production, maintenance, and personnel involved in internal system, process, or product audits.

Duration: 2 days. Optionally, an additional day for consulting for real projects in the company of the client.


• Introduction
• Fundamentals of statistics.
   o Location and variation of processes
   o Measurement indicators
• Introduction to SigmaXL and graphical analysis
   o the Histogram
   o Box Plot
   o the Pareto
   o Determining normality
   o Applications
• Determining the stability of processes
   o Control charts for continuous data
        Individual data: Individual & Moving Range
        Sampled data: Xbar & R; X-BAR & S
   o Control diagrams for attributive data: Pchart and Uchart
   o Process capability
        Calculation of Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk; Cmk.
        Interpretation and corrective measures
   o Applications and case studies
• Discussions, examination, closing of the course.

For a greater interactivity and understanding of the tools, we recommend the access of 2 participants / PC, on which to install SigmaXL. The trial version is free for 30 days and can be downloaded using this link.

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Trainer with more than 10 years experience in industry and consulting with expertise in the use of course and training tools. Our trainers have delivered training and / or consultancy to companies such as Key Safety Systems, Leoni Wiring Systems, Hella, Coficab, Takata, Thyssenkrupp Bilstein, Preh, HUF, Daimler, Contitech, Delphi, Ecolor, EKR Electrokontakt, Federal Mogul, Arctic, Hirschmann, Grupo Antolin, Turbomecanica, Albalact, Zollner, BOA, Scandia, Rombat and others.

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