Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation - MMOG/LE

Length: 2 days


Objectives: Students will understand the functionality and applicability of MMOG/LE (the global standard for supply chain management processes that provide industry best practices).

Target audience: Logistics Management, Planners (Production / Material); transport managers, logistics specialists, warehouse officers, customer service. Depending on the organizational chart - the range is from Internal Logistics Responsible to warehouse managers and sometimes Production Planning and up to those responsible for physical movements of Production materials.

Duration: 2 days

• SCM - Logistics
o Logistics and Supply Chain History

• MMOG / LE Introduction
the MMOG vs IATF 16949
o The purpose and objectives of the MMOG
o MMOG Basic and MMOG Global

• MMOG / LE Instructions
o MMOG / LE Process model
o Importance and scoring criteria
o Classification of criteria - Global and Basic
o Completing the evaluation and analysis of the differences
o Radar graph and evolution graph

• Chapter 1 - Strategy and Improvement
o 1.1 Vision and Strategy
a 1.2. objectives
a 1.3. Measurement, Analysis and Action Plans
a 1.4. Continuous improvement
a 1.5. Development of the Distribution Chain
o SWOT analysis - exercise

• Chapter 2 - Labor Organization
o 2.1 Organizational processes
a 2.2. Operational Procedures and Working Instructions
a 2.3. Resource Planning
a 2.4. Work Environment and Human Resources
a 2.5. Risk Management and Evaluation

• Chapter 3 - Capacity and Production Planning
o 3.1 Realization of the Product
a 3.2. Capacity planning
a 3.3. Production planning
a 3.4. Systems integration
o LEAN losses - exercise
o Exercise - Questionnaire chapter 3

• Chapter 4 - Customer interface
o 4.1 Communication
a 4.2. Packaging and Labeling
a 4.3. sending
a 4.4. Transport
a 4.5. Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

• Chapter 5 - Production and Product Control
o 5.1 Identification of Materials
a 5.2. Stocks and Management
a 5.3. Engineering Change Control
a 5.4. traceability
o Exercise - Questionnaire chapter 5

• Chapter 6 - Interface with Suppliers
o 6.1 Selection of suppliers
a 6.2. SCM contracts
a 6.3. communication
a 6.4. Packaging and Labeling
a 6.5. Transport
a 6.6. Material reception
a 6.7. Supplier Performance Evaluation

• Changes in the Quality Standard for SCM
• Completion of the course. Examination, evaluation and feedback session

Logistics Trainer with more than 10 years of experience as a logistics manager with expertise in the use of training tools.

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