Integration of robots in manufacturing lines

Objective: Supporting customers in order to increase productivity and reduce costs by integrating robots into production processes

Target companies: Production companies that have repetitive operations at a relatively low cycle time and the operators who work in the respective positions carry out their activity in non-ergonomic and high stress conditions.

Services offered:
• evaluation of the locations of the production lines where robots / cobots can be mounted
• evaluating the efficiency before installing them and estimating the efficiency after installing the robots / cobots
• choosing the type of cobot / robot and the tool used for the identified operation to be done by the cobot / robot.
• estimation of the necessary auxiliary resources - sensors, relays, buttons, PLCs, conveyors, drivers, hoists, electric cables, metal parts, etc.
• establishing the utilities necessary for the operation of the coil / robot - electricity, compressed air, water, etc.,
• implementation of the cobot / robot implementation plan in accordance with the client's requirements
• presenting to the client the proposed technical solution at the macro level.
• implementation of the project
• evaluation of the efficiency after the installation of the robotic cell compared to the estimated one

Personnel: experience in understanding processes, using and implementing robotic cells.

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