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SoftExpert Excellence Suite is the most comprehensive solution for solving critical challenges for business excellence through multiple applications.

SoftExpert offers an integrated suite of components that can be implemented as business requirements grow and the need to incorporate new features also increases.

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SoftExpert Excellence Suite

Training Planning and Control – SE Training

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis – SE FMEA

Maintenance Management – SE Maintenance

Performance Management – SE Performance

Problem Management – SE Problem Manager

  • Submit asset records for approval before they become available for use, improving compliance.
  • Allows you to record assets using geographic coordinates and address, making it easy to locate through map applications.
  • Provides asset check-in and check-out resources and shows what assets are available and how they are used.
  • Monitors equipment uptime and downtime and monitors equipment / part replacement intervals.
  • Allows you to perform activities using Kanban.
  • Issues labels for materials with QR codes.
  • Make an inventory of assets using smartphones or tablets.
  • Allows companies to control all asset-related documentation, such as owner's manuals, configuration settings, leases, and warranty certificates, as well as asset images.
  • Provides a variety of flexible and powerful reports to allow analysis of company inventory, maintenance and repair history, work orders, costs, etc.
  • Helps to identify possible impacts and risks resulting from changes in the relationship between assets and business processes through CMDB (Configuration Management Database).
  • Controls maintenance activities based on the conditions defined by the equipment inspection points.
  • Schedule all preventive or maintenance maintenance, depending on the date range and / or production / use readings.
  • Recording and tracking the consumption of human, material and financial resources based on work orders.
  • Connects maintenance activities to all types of documentation, including manuals, catalogs, images, contracts, work instructions, assembly drawings, projects and mock-ups.
  • Keep information and history about equipment orders and group them by equipment, execution date, maintenance team, detected fault and more.
  • Automatically calculates maintenance costs and sorts them by work order, equipment, technician, parts, cost center, maintenance team, and more.
  • Provides tools for analyzing equipment failures, allowing managers to determine faulty relationships, causes, and necessary corrective actions.
  • Provides spreadsheets and comparative charts - planned versus actual - showing key indicators of maintenance performed.
  • Performing maintenance activities via smartphones and mobile devices
  • Automates process requests for creating, reviewing, printing and canceling documents, executing maintenance work orders (WOs), calibrations, new portfolio analysis initiatives, project initiation and process change, new training, item change, assets and supply information , process review and More.
  • Follow the deadlines and those responsible for handling applications.
  • Provides checklists to optimize productivity and application quality.
  • It sets out different criteria for assessing the level of demand satisfaction.
  • Defines teams responsible for fulfilling requests.
  • Follow the request lists.
  • Create custom reports and request analysis, allowing you to filter or group information by request area, period, current situation, and more.
  • Unlimited data exploration using live visual analysis. Interactive dashboards help you discover hidden information on the go.
  • Empower the natural ability to quickly observe visual patterns.
  • Connect to different data sources - whether it's an SQL database, a spreadsheet, or other connectable source.
  • Quickly build strong calculations from data, draw and set benchmarks and forecasts, and review statistical summaries.
  • Ask new questions, identify trends, identify opportunities, and make decisions based on reliable data.
  • Quickly explore all data using global searches and interactive selections to find all the answers.
  • Explores multiple forms of data and identifies non-compliant values.
  • A culture of data collaboration, extending the impact of statistics through shareable dashboards.
  • Create an environment where everyone in your organization can share and collaborate with trusted data.
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