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Experience in the organization of production and training and consultancy work has shown us how important it is for effective training to develop and follow a training plan properly.
The mere delivery of a course because: I felt it best and the auditor asked us for it / certification standard or it remained in the plan from last year, will be unlikely to generate real benefits for the organization or participants. In addition it can generate frustration / motivation due to lack of opportunity to practice after training.

For this reason, we started to talk with clients and begin by assessing the needs of the organization and preparedness of the participants.
We thus managed to design a combined program of theory and real projects specific for the customer needs.

Each step in the program is evaluated objectively and appropriate corrective action is taken.
The ultimate goal is for participants to gain sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical (field) to properly use and immediate tools / methodologies studied. Otherwise, training will remain a failure and resources involved - a waste.

Effective Flux has the capability to conduct following evaluation, a program of development of technical skills for positions such as process engineer, quality engineer, foreman / line and responsible production. Industrial experience and delivered numerous training courses range quality standards, quality tools, Engineering, Lean or Six Sigma support our intentions in this regard.

If you are interested in training after which you have a better guarantee for their application in practice, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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