Support provider - Late Delivery

Objective: Gradual reduction until the elimination of delivery delays of the T2 supplier to its customer (T1 supplier); Improving communication between the two companies.

Initial situation: For about 12 months, the customer (T1) received the products from his supplier with delays (T2). These delays induced low efficiency in the T1 manufacturing lines but also the risk of delayed deliveries to the end customer (OEM).
After several attempts to support the supplier (sending its own employees to the T2 factory), T1 decided to discuss to an external consultant (EFFECTIVE FLUX) to support T2 in order to recover the delays.

Activities carried out:
1. Detailed understanding of the situation as well as the problems encountered by
2. Discussions with T2 Top Management and evaluation of processes from the factory.
3. Identifying the first measures, prioritizing it and starting these measures urgently. Some of it:
  a. Improving communication between T1 departments (planning, reception, quality) and those of T2 (logistics, production, quality) .
  b. Improving the accuracy of performance measurement at T2.
  c. Reduce the quality problems, starting with customer complaints.
  d. Increasing efficiency of assembly area and equipment efficiency (OEE, by reducing downtime primarily)
  e. Reducing maintenance problems
  f. Training and flexibility of direct operators
  g. Training of technical staff for critical issues (problem solving, SPC, MSA) and coaching for implementation

Results: After the 3 months of the consulting project, it was obtained:
1. Elimination of delivery delays
2. Improving external and internal quality, with positive implications on costs
3. Increasing production capacity by improving efficiency and OEE
4. Improving the relationship between the supplier and its customer.

Note: although the consultant was paid by the client, it was possible to gain and maintain the trust of both parties involved, the supplier further requested the support of the consultant.
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