• The products of today, whether in the automotive industry, consumer goods and others are usually contributing an entire supply chain and final manufacturer.
  • For this reason, any gap in supplies to one supplier can lead to blocking production of all others, through a ... chain reaction.
  • Auto parts industry has created a standardized methodology (PPAP - details here) that prevent the occurrence of these surprises for new products, however, problems arise. Technology issues, lack of preventive maintenance (preventive maintenance) inconsistency Compliance / training and new - high turnover of staff are just some reasons. Usually, solving problems should be addressed through methodologies (problem-solving techniques, 8D Problem Solving, Six Sigma), their ignorance or misapplication however lead to lack of efficacy.
  • For these reasons, very important are the selection and continuous development of suppliers.
  • The initial audit, regular or extraordinary suppliers are a few ways to prevent or assurance that continuous supplier improvement activities continue.
  • Our staff support can come either for auditing / evaluation of the supplier or on the way, when needed. Where appropriate we complete support for solving problems or improving performance of delivery (delivery time, quality, volume). If necessary, we can help implement Lean concept (Case study) or the implementation of the quality system.
  • If the necessary domestic resources for developing the suppliers are outdated, do not hesitate to contact us!

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