Production coordinator (supervisor)

Length: 3 days


Objectives: To acquire the basic skills for leading the production processes

Target audience: Personnel from production companies involved in the management of production processes, mainly in the position of coordinator / supervisor or similar (subordinated to several team leaders).

Duration: 3 days

 • Introduction
 • Roles and responsibilities
 • Team leadership
   o Communication
   o Motivation
   o Staff training
   o Delegation
 • Process and measure its performance
   o Process description
   o Notions of standardization
   o Performance indicators
 • Production planning
 •  Key production quality requirements
   o What is quality
   o Quality standards and SMC
   o Procedures, instructions and production records
   o Core Quality Tools
 • Introduction to Continuous Improvement
   o Lean: Concept, Added Value and Waste
   o Lean: The main elements and tools
   o Problem solving: methodologies and tools
 • Elements of Occupational Health and Safety (45001)
 • Introductory notions of environmental protection
 • Discussions, examination, closing of the course.

Tools presented: Flowchart, Skill matrix, clock and cycle times, OEE, efficiency, Control chart, 8D, Pareto chart, Ishikawa, 5 why ?, brainstorming, Spaghetti chart, SMED

Diploma: After participating in the course and passing the exam, a graduation certificate will be issued.

Trainer: Over 15 years of experience in industry and consulting with expertise in the use of training tools.

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