Minitab is a statistical software which was originally developed in 1972. It provides services to optimize quality, education and research in statistics and is also used in conjunction with implementing Six Sigma and other improvement methods based on statistics. It is also widely used in industry (automotive, elctronics, NASA, etc.) and services (banks, research, insurance, medicine, etc.) for Process Control (SPC), Improvement of Measurement (MSA) or Six Sigma Improvement Projects. Minitab software that has since reached version 20 is used in the following trainings:
  • Six Sigma Green Belt (link)
  • Six Sigma Black Belt (link)
  • SPC - Statistical Proces Control (link)
  • MSA - Measurement Sistem Analisys (link)
  • Core Tools (in the first two training days) (link)
  • DOE - Design of Experiments (link)
What's new in Minitab 20:
Better - The latest features empower users with better decision-making capabilities for both experienced users and new users of this software.
Faster - Faster performance to easily synthesize larger amounts of data.
Easier - A new intuitive interface Minitab can easily guide you through data analysis. Technical support and top-level technical training are available to help you along the way.
Better decision making.
Faster performance.
Easier than ever.
Anywhere on the cloud.

Minitab has spent the past 50 years helping companies and organizations drive cost containment, enhance product and service quality and boost customer satisfaction with our comprehensive, easy-to-use, best-in-class suite of data analysis and process improvement tools. Thousands of businesses and institutions worldwide work with Minitab because of our unique and integrated approach of solutions analytics, empowering you to make better decisions that drive business excellence.
Minitab Statistical Software delivers business and predictive analytics, paired with essential visualizations to enable data-driven value creating decision making. Enjoy new levels of productivity and collaboration, whether you are accessing Minitab on a desktop or on the cloud. 

Before purchasing this software, you can test the trial version for 30 days.
You can download the trial version here (link).
During Core Tools, SPC, MSA, DoE, and Six Sigma training sessions, we provide on-demand, laptops with Minitab software for participants. These are useful for practical applications in the training sessions.
For more users in the company, Multi-user lcenses are recommended, with annual licenses that can be accessed by multiple users at the same time.

Among the major companies that have ensured their success relying on Minitab we can include: Apple, Allianz, BMW, Coca-Cola, Dell, eBay, Ford, Google, IBM, LG, McDonald's, Microsoft, Nestle, Samsung, PepsiCo, Sony, Toyota sau Volkswagen. 
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