Statistical techniques for data processing and analysis (introduction)

Length: 2 days


Understanding data collection, processing, and analysis approach and especially their use in making the right decisions.

Target audience: Personnel from production or services companies involved with data analysis activities, decision making and continuous improvement activities.

Training duration: 2 days (introductory module) / 5 days (full training: introductory + advanced statistics).

• Introduction, presents general notions about data types, sampling methods as well as the main graphical analysis tools.
• For a faster and more accurate data processing, one of the two most popular software will be used: SigmaXL or MINITAB.
• The training abounds in exercises, case studies and classroom applications, using intensive the statistical software which is practically learned in parallel with tools application.
• Requires access to PCs with the statistical software installed (for details, contact us)

Presented tools
• Basic Statistics
• Introduction in SigmaXL / MINITAB
• Graphical analysis tools (Dot plot, Histogram, Pareto, Probability plot)
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Control Charts (I-MR, Xbar-R, P chart, U chart)
• Capability study (Cpk, Cp, Ppk, Pp, Cmk)
• Introduction to Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
• MSA for continuous data
• MSA for discrete data

Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt, specialized in the control and optimization of production processes, quality, maintenance, logistics and human resources. Relevant experience in successful application of tools in automotive industry and other industries.

For more information, please contact us.

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